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Convert VHS Home Movies to DVD Overviews

Using a step-by-step approach, this book focuses on how the mean home user can convert their existing home movies to a digital medium. As Dvds come to be even more common, the market for transferring Vhs movies to Dvd is going to soar. This book seeks the "ease of use" appeal of the Dvd/Vcr by applying it to the typical home computer, and to allow "mass market" readers to not think twice about using their computer to extend the capabilities of their Dvd. It recognizes the incompatibility between a computer as a consumer product versus the ease of use of a typical home appliance, such as a Vcr or Dvd player, and tries to bridge that gap. Put simply, the goal of the book, then, is on the newly-created Dvd: the computer is only the mechanism at which to arrive at this goal. It assists readers in conducting an list of their existing hardware (Does their computer have a Dvd burner? What video editing software might already be included on their computer?), and serves as a guide to their purchase of any required tool (external conversion device, external Dvd burner, etc.). This book skillfully guides readers from the beginning step to the final step of bringing their "Vhs memories" into the digital age-knowledge that is going to come to be more and more crucial for the mean home Vhs/Dvd owner seeking to save their dust-filled tapes without having to pay others to do it.

Convert VHS Home Movies to DVD Features

With the recent release of a plethora of 3-dimensional feature films, the desire for 3D televisions in the home has risen dramatically. If you have seen films like Disney's Up or James Cameron's Avatar with special RealD glasses, you know that 3D can make one's viewing experience much more enjoyable. In fact, Avator has been critically acclaimed to have the best visuals of any film, ever (thanks in large part to its use of 3-D).

The problem is, although people want 3D in their homes, many people don't want to dish out the money for a new, "3D-ready" LCD display. So, the concept of buying a 3D TV Converter has been introduced to the public.

Convert VHS Home Movies To DVD

These 2D to 3D converters are surprisingly inexpensive: around 0. They have been around for a while (since as early as 2004), but have not had that much popularity. But in 2009 and early 2010, the sales of these products have shown a marked increase.

3D TV Converter - Can You Change Your 2D Television to 3D?

The problem is, these converters offer only cheap imitations of real 3D. They don't actually make anything 3-dimensional. Rather, these converters just split the image on your TV into 2 images, then uses polarized lenses to make the image on your display "pop out". However, the converters add no depth to the image.

On real 3-D ready televisions, the background of videos look like they are flush with the TV screen, while objects on the foreground pop out. The difference between the background and the foreground is what makes watching 3D movies enjoyable. Without depth, you are just watching the same movie, except the whole thing looks slightly enlarged.

3D TV Converter - Can You Change Your 2D Television to 3D?

The solution is simple: if you want to watch 3D television in your home, buy a real 3D TV from a trusted manufacturer.

For comprehensive reviews and an insightful buying guide on 3D televisions go to 3D TV News.

PS: See a sample of a 3D TV Converter [].

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  1. I must have that book. I'm actually still learning how to do stuff on the computer. I used to just ask my daughter to do all those computer tasks because I don't know anything about it going so far as to say that I am ignorant about computers.